— our story —

We were fascinated to realize some amazing benefits offered by skills like learning foreign language, Chess and coding. Besides the actual skill itself, they also help in personality development and bring in discipline out of the box! We believe to equip all the younger generation with such powerful skills that offer several advantages in their future endeavors.

While there are many institutes to offer such skills, we often noticed a compromise in either quality or cost or simply unstructured or nonstandard curriculum in many of those institutes. At Chaturanga Academy, we would like to offer these skills to you uncompromised, with a better quality, well-structured and standard curriculum at reasonable cost. With this facility, we hope to provide opportunities to many aspirants and help them unfold their talent to the fullest extent.

We thank you for knowing about us. We are excited to be a part of your learning journey!

We look forward for your participation in our courses.

- Sumitha & Prathap


To offer the best skills with uncompromised quality that is affordable to any aspirant.


To enable aspiring younger generation to acquire the skills we offer which would help them to stay distinguished from the rest.

Our Values