As said by the famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, I truly rediscovered many aspects of my mother tongue while learning German language.

Why learn German language?

Learning a foreign language like “German” is always an advantage irrespective of whether you want to find a good job or a better job than you already have, or you want to study or do an apprenticeship in Germany or you want to be able to help your children with their homework or talk to their teachers or do small talk with your German neighbor, or you want to read a German book and understand it, or you might want to start your own business or a company.

Given the fact that German is Europe’s dominant language and Germany being a stronger economy offers umpteen opportunities like study scholarships, research fellowships to scientists, Job opportunities, etc.

Learning German language at Chaturanga academy

Learning German language at Chaturanga Academy is unique and fun! The curriculum follows the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) standards and is inline with Goethe Institute exams format and standard.

A unique language learning model : Focus on Vocabulary, grammar and Pronunciation.

Dedicated speaking hours for role plays, presentations, etc

Correction and feedback of Emails and assignments. Access to supporting materials.

Focus on exam preparation of all four modules – Reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Mock exams conducted at the end of each course. For B1, weekly mock exams are conducted. So you start preparing right from the beginning of the course!


Chaturanga Academy presents a 100% sponsored and Job-guaranteed program for qualified Nurses from all over the world. We, in collaboration with IPP, the nursing Job partner) and Beagle Inc( language infrastructure partner), have designed the program, which helps you realize your dream to work at Germany. We are mainly focused on recruiting nurses for our clients in Germany. Our process ensures that you have a job contract before starting the German training with us.

Here are few requirements to be fulfilled by you to enroll in to the program:

- You have completed a full-time bachelors degree in Nursing. [Diploma holders could also apply, but we subject it to the work experience.]

- You have worked for atleast 1 year in a recognised hospital.

- You wish to work in Germany for atleast 2 years.

- You are ready to invest 3-4 hours per day to learn German language.

If that sounds in your interest, then let us know some of the incentives covered by the program:

We offer the German language course A1 to B1 Levels. The course fee is 100% sponsored. You would be paying fee for A1 and A2 levels only, which would be reimbursed without any deduction once you complete ösd-B1 level exam.

• You have the job contract before the commencement of the German course. Also you will have a permanent position with a minimum salary of 2800 Euros with fixed work timings.

• We take care of your qualification recognition process, obtaining German professional registration and other formalities with the German Government.

• We sponsor your Visa and flight ticket to Germany.

• You can also bring your family with you to Germany after 1yr of your stay!

So we make sure that you transition into a Permanent and well paid job in Germany. Please checkout diagram above for a summary of the whole process along with approximate timelines. You can find more details at

If this sounds interesting to you, please write to us ( or contact us via Whatsapp.

Job-guaranteed German training for Nursing professionals

Courses offered

Upcoming Batches

Your trainer

I am a passionate German language trainer. Previously, I worked as a software professional for over 14 years in a German-based company. I developed a passion towards learning German during my delegation at Germany. I started exploring and understanding their language, which helped me to pick up the language from native speakers and also understand their culture. This experience has helped me to evolve as a professional German trainer.

Currently, I am certified as C1-level from Goethe Institute, Bangalore. I have been coaching students of A1 to B2 levels as per CEFR standards and prepare them for A1 to B2 exams at Goethe Institute. I provide both online(MS Teams platform) and classroom coaching. Furthermore, I also conduct dedicated grammar, spoken and Goethe-exam preparation sessions. I assure you to provide strong foundations of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Contact me to benefit and experience the unique and easy way to learn German!

Udemy course: Vocabulary for A1.1 level

If you are a beginner aiming to clear Goethe/Telc Osd exams or just want to learn German as a hobby, then this course is definitely for you.

With this course, you will be systematically learning German vocabulary for A1 level along with the right pronunciation in native accent. You get to learn vocabulary chapter-wise and verify your learning through interactive exercises. I have compiled the list of vocabulary majorly from the Netzwerk courseware. All you need to invest is for next 26 days dedicate just 10-mins of your time for Vocabulary learning.

The course is available at the below link at a discounted price.

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